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The Pathfinder is a statistical model based on the hypothesis of market non-randomness and thus on the behavioural repetition of inefficiency. It works in a very simple way, following 8 key points
* We analyse a market/asset to scan its ability to create what we call vertical profit on a monthly basis
* The model looks at each month of the year as a trading system and in this sense analyses the historical data to scan performance, frequency and so on, creating an analytical statistic linked to each month
* These statistics are analysed by an algorithm that generates a coefficient/rank for each month ranging from +2 to -2 (+2, +1, 0, -1, -2)
* Positive/negative numbers mean LONG/SHORT positions are favoured, +2/-2 mean that statistics are strong and leverage positions are allowed | Read more about How it works and take a look at Test&Results

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